A clean diet can account for 70% or more of your fitness goals.

Hiring a personal trainer is the fastest way to get results!

Fit Living SHRED classes are an affordable effective way to work with a trainer.

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Fit Living Personal Training is one of Regina's most trusted names in the fitness business. Serving customers since 2008 our result producing personal training, SHRED training, classes, meal plans and workout programs have been keeping Reginians fit for years. We pride ourselves on top notch quality personal training that is unsurpassed in the city.

Our training is unlike any in the city. We incorporate a number of different disciplines and turn it into intense result producing workouts. We believe the body has to constantly adapt to different workouts in order to keep seeing results. You can't rely on the same routine over and over again and expect to see change.



Summer Packages

SHRED Program - learn out SHRED workout program in 2 hours! Take 2 hours out of your week to learn a brand new result producing workout program that will transform your body. Package includes 2 workouts, SHRED manual which includes the workout program and meal plan with recipes. $150

Contact Brad at bradtaylor@fitliving.ca


10 Session Special - Get 12 workouts for the price of 10. This package is designed to get you into a regular fitness routine. The 12 sessions will not only get you quick results but will teach you a new fitness routine along the way. Package also comes with a meal plan and complete workout plan. $550

Contact Kurt at kurt@fitliving.ca


P90X Training - Don't be stuck at home doing a workout video when you can have your own P90X coach! Take our month long P90X challenge with our certified P90X coach. This package includes 8 sessions a P90X workout plan and a Paleo meal plan. $400

Contact Brad at bradtaylor@fitliving.ca



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