A clean diet can account for 70% or more of your fitness goals.

Hiring a personal trainer is the fastest way to get results!

Fit Living SHRED classes are an affordable effective way to work with a trainer.

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Fit Living Personal Training is one of Regina's most trusted names in the fitness business. Serving customers since 2008 our result producing personal training, SHRED training, classes, meal plans and workout programs have been keeping Reginians fit for years. We pride ourselves on top notch quality personal training that is unsurpassed in the city.

Our training is unlike any in the city. We incorporate a number of different disciplines and turn it into intense result producing workouts. We believe the body has to constantly adapt to different workouts in order to keep seeing results. You can't rely on the same routine over and over again and expect to see change.




Mudd, Sweat and Tears Obstacle Race


Fit Living has teamed up with the Mudd, Sweat and Tears group to set up a 5 week pre race training program. The idea is train with us, Fit Living, and we will get you ready for the big race!

This obstacle race can be 5 or 10km each being tons of fun and challenging. The race takes place at the Beaver Creek Ranch in Lumsdem, so about 30 minutes outside of Regina.

We will get you ready both physically, nutritionally and mentally.


There will be Saturday morning workouts available starting August 29th. Each participant will also receive a meal plan and a workout plan to follow during the 5 week prep program.


Email Kurt at kurt@fitliving.ca for more training info.


Visit www.muddsweatandtears.com for race info.

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