Welcome to Fit Living Personal Training, we are a locally owned personal training business located in Regina. Our mission is to provide the citizens of Regina with all the tools needed in order to succeed on their fitness path. What makes us unique to Regina is we also provide nutritional and cooking services on top of our many personal training services. Our homepage is dedicated to what's happening currently with challenges, classes and specials. We are located inside S.E.T.S Fitness Centre at 1120 Devonshire Drive in NW Regina, Saskatchewan. Feel free to explore our site and don't hesitate to contact us for more information.

What is our boot camp?

Our boot camp is just what you need to get back into your "skinny" jeans. These boot camp classes are a mix of a number of different disciplines. We don't want to limit our classes when there is such a variety of workout styles available today. We incorporate typical boot camp exercises, Battle Rope exercises, TRX exercises, HIIT training, and more. Your body has no choice but to transform! All participants will get a FREE meal plan to follow!


Summer Meltdown

2019 Outdoor Boot Camp

Make this summer your summer for transformation. With summer almost here our classes and motivation are just what you need to look great for summer! We will be offering two locations this summer, with classes in Wascana Park as well as Lakeridge Park.

Our Wascana outdoor package includes unlimited fitness classes, a digital copy of our Fit Living Cookbook and a workout plan. That is a $350 value for $250! While our Lakeridge classes have a few package options to choose from. Rest assured both locations will provide calorie incinerating workouts that will have your metabolism revved up all summer. We focus on strength training and conditioning work to help you burn the most calories possible in our 45 minute classes. Classes start in May.

Lakeridge Park

These classes are located in the north west and will start on May 13th until August 30th. These boot camp classes include weight training, high intensity training, intervals, and athletic development! Enjoy the warm weather and get a head start on your mornings all summer. Let Kirstie get you fit and feeling great all summer!



Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6am-645am

Pricing options:

Unlimited/full summer: $500

Month to month: $150

10 Punch pass: $150

Wascana Park

Our 11th year in Wascana Park. One of Regina's longest running outdoor boot camp classes. Our Wascana classes are more like an outdoor gym! We bring a ton of fun, result producing equipment each class and it is unlike any class you have ever done. In 45 minutes we will have you sweating and seeing that fat melting away. We start May 27th and finish July 5th. 



Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6am-645am


Six week package is $250


Additional Boot Camp Packages 

Two A Week For A Month: Our introductory offer of two workouts a week for a month. $99 +GST

Buddy Deal: Grab a friend and get a 2 -10 card punch passes for $249, works out to $124.50  + GST each!

One Month: This package includes one month of unlimited classes. $150 + GST

Six Week Meltdown: Attend half of our boot camp for 6 weeks. Start anytime and come for 6 weeks. $215 + GST

10 Card Punch Pass: $150 + GST


CONTACT BRAD FOR MORE INFO OR TO SIGN UP 306-537-3321 OR bradtaylor@fitliving.ca 


Personal Training Specials

Buddy Special: Find a buddy and get fit together! Get 8 two on one sessions and enjoy your workouts while getting fit. $500 + GST ($250 each)

Your Workout Package: This 90 minute one on one session is designed just for you. If you have a specific body part you need to target, need to add strength to an injury, or just need new ideas we can help! $69 + GST

Two Per Week: Get 2 one on one sessions per week for a month. Great option for sticking to your fitness resolution in 2018! $449 + GST

10 Pack: Our 10 one on one session package will get you into a gym routine and teach you everything you need to know about how to workout or design a new routine. $499 + GST

The Twenty: Get 20 one on one sessions to use at your leisure. This package also includes a customized meal plan and workout plan. $1049 + GST 


CONTACT KIRSTIE AT 306-520-4945 OR kirstie@live.ca OR COLTON AT 306-201-7645 OR colton.rolufs@gmail.com