Fit Living Personal Training is one of Regina's most trusted names in the fitness business. Serving customers since 2008, our result producing personal training, SHRED training, classes, meal plans and workout programs have been keeping Reginians fit for years. We pride ourselves on top notch quality personal training that is unsurpassed in the city. 


Our training is unlike any in the city. We incorporate a number of different disciplines and blend it all into intense result producing workouts. We believe the body has to constantly adapt to different workouts in order to keep seeing results. We also aim to educate our clients on the benefits of healthy eating and maintaining an all around fit lifestyle!





Fit Living offers one on one and small group training. All of our trainers are certified and provide top quality personal training. We have an entire gym (SETS Fitness) and an attached studio at our disposal. This leaves us with numerous options and the ability to find the exercises that work best for you. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle or just simply get started in a workout routine we can provide everything you need.


SHRED Boot Camp

Our flagship class, Fit Living boot camps are circuit based and provide intense full body workouts. Our classes are never the same and we incorporate free weights, kettle bells, body weight exercises and conditioning drills to turn you into a calorie burning machine! Every participant get's a copy of the SHRED cookbook and fitness guide.

Tot's N' Squats

The perfect class for postpartum women just getting back into a fitness routine. The best way for a new mother to find time for fitness is by doing it with your baby. Now you have no excuses! These low impact workouts include bringing your baby and getting active together. Each workout is specifically designed to target those "mom" areas.



Tired of long tedious workouts that produce little to no results? Let Fit Living save your workouts by signing up for our new Fit40/50 class. Specifically designed workouts and program to target those hard to fix areas. These classes can be as intense as you make them with people aged 40-59 welcome to attend. Each participant receives an individualized workout plan to accompany the classes. 



FitKids is designed to get kids aged 7-12 into an early fitness routine. These workouts are challenging but also fun and designed specifically for kids. We aim to improve their strength, speed, coordination and overall fitness level. An early start to fitness greatly increases your child's chance of living a healthy life.

The parents are also welcome to join in on the workouts!