At Home Delivery

Let Fit Food shop, cook, portion, and deliver your healthy meals to you! All of our meals are prepared with fresh high quality ingredients. Meals can be specifically modified to fit certain macro numbers, allergies or gluten intolerance. We typically need 3-5 days in order to prepare and deliver your food. 


~ Contact Brad at or 306-537-3321 to order. 


At Home Menu

Breakfast Items   

GROUP A $39.95  

Protein Granola  (five servings)

Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, hemp hearts, almonds, and vanilla mixed with granola.

Macros: 25g Protein. 17g Fat. 27g Carbs. 350 Calories.


Protein Packed Pancakes (five servings)

Two gluten free chocolate protein infused blueberry
whole wheat pancakes.   

Macros: 29.5g Protein. 3g Fat. 28.5g Carbs. 259 Calories.

Frittata (six servings)

Breakfast ham, red pepper and a fresh pesto sauce in a two egg frittata. 

Macros: 19g Protein. 12g Fat. 5g Carbs. 204 Calories.


GROUP B $45.95

French Toast  (five servings)

Thick sliced whole grain bread stuffed with a blueberry, cinnamon and vanilla Greek yogurt. 

Macros: 29g Protein. 9g Fat. 46g Carbs. 381 Calories.


Lunch Items     

GROUP A $59.95

Blackened Burrito (five servings)

Blackened chicken breast or ground beef
burrito served with a guacamole salsa. 

Macros: 40g Protein. 9g Fat. 30 g Carbs. 361 Calories.


Quinoa Salad (vegetarian, five servings)  

Citrus infused quinoa salad with chickpeas
toasted almonds and fresh veggies.

Macros: 11g Protein. 10g Fat. 33g Carbs. 260 Calories.


Chickpea Curry (vegetarian, five servings)  

Chickpea and mixed bean yellow curry,
served on brown rice.

Macros: 17g protein. 10g Fat. 60g Carbs. 398 Calories.


GROUP B $64.95

General Tsao Stirfry (five servings)

A healthy version of the popular Chinese
food restaurant menu item.

Macros: 39g Protein. 9g Fat. 42g Carbs. 405 Calories. 


Roast Chicken Wrap  (five servings)

Juicy roast chicken served in a whole grain tortilla shell with tzatziki and fresh vegetables. 

Macros: 38g Protein. 15g Fat. 31g Carbs. 412 Calories.


Dinner Items     

GROUP A $ 64.95

Turkey Chili (five servings)

Turkey bacon and lean ground turkey in a spicy blackened chili sauce.

Macros: 34g Protein. 12g Fat. 38 Carbs. 345 Calories.


Sirloin Bolognese (five servings)

Lean sirloin spaghetti Bolognese
served on whole grain pasta.

Macros: 38g Protein. 15g Fat. 45g Carbs. 467 Calories.


Lemon Chili Garlic Chicken (five servings)

Fresh lemon, chili and garlic infused
skinless chicken breast with wild
rice and veggies.

Macros: 39g Protein. 7g Fat. 41g Carbs. 391 Calories.


Sweet and Spicy Stirfry (five servings)

A sweet and spicy chicken and mixed veg stirfry served on brown rice.

Macros: 38g Protein. 3g Fat. 53g Carbs. 401 Calories.


Protein Pucks     $25

We create weekly protein puck recipes. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram @fitlivingpt to see our weekly options.

A 10 pack is $25.


~ Contact Brad at or 306-537-3321