At Home Delivery

Let Fit Food shop, cook, portion, and deliver your healthy meals to you! All of our meals are prepared with fresh high quality ingredients. Meals can be specifically modified to fit certain macro numbers, allergies or gluten intolerance. We typically need 3-5 days in order to prepare and deliver your food. 

~ Contact Brad at or 306-537-3321 to order. 


At Home Menu

Our approach is unique in that each order is specifically designed with your input. Together we develop a menu just for you whether it is macro specific, allergy modified, exact calorie, or Keto. All meal packages are served in either 5 or 7 day week options. (Prices shown for 7 days)

Pick from any of our one week packages and let's design a menu just for you!

The Executive: Our high class package includes all highest quality meats like filet mignon, free run chicken, and fresh fish. Each meal comes with choice of starch and vegetable. You will also be provided with daily snacks such as protein pudding, protein pucks and trail mixes. $300 

Just Meals: This package includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every meal comes complete with a protein, carb and healthy fat. $262.50

Mix and Match: Our M and M package is ideal for shift workers. We provide you with a mix of anytime of day meals and some energy boosting snacks. $199

Snack Time: Are you strapped for time and need help fitting in those quality healthy daily snacks? Then this is the perfect package for you. We provide 3 daily healthy snacks to keep you on the ball and in the game! $99

Breakfast (Servings of 5)

High protein vanilla oatmeal $20

Protein pancakes $30

Bacon and pesto frittata (6 servings) $30

Lunch (Servings of 5)

Chicken burrito and side salad $50

Healthy Taco in a Bag $50

Blackened chicken, veg and rice $60

Dinner (Servings of 5)

Spaghetti Bolognese (beef or chicken) $60

Chicken stir-fry on rice $60

Steak (filet) and green veg $75

Minimum order of $150 required for all orders. Give us 2 to 3 working days to shop, cook and deliver your meals.