About Us


Fit Living Calgary is a personal chef service that provides cooking classes and meal planning to the great people of YYC. We are health and fitness focused and cater to people who want to eat healthy but may not always have time to do that. Whether you are gym junkie who needs nutritious meals, someone trying to lose weight, or just want to eat healthy and live a longer and better life, we have you covered. Our healthy meal prep tastes great, is affordable, saves you time and will get you looking and feeling your best. 

Cooking Classes - Includes a number of different services all in one package. Each class we teach you valuable cooking techniques, time saving kitchen tips, provide you with personalized macro numbers, and together we cook a week's worth of healthy food for you to eat. Great for groups of friends, splurge groups and wedding parties.

Meal Prep - Simply, you choose your meals and within a day or two you have fully cooked, delicious and healthy meal prepped food in your fridge. 

Owner - Trainer - Chef

Brad Taylor is a detail oriented individual that is determined to see you reach your fitness goals. He is university educated, majoring in Kinesiology from the University of Regina. His ongoing certifications include a Can-Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist certificate which allows him to work with individuals of all fitness backgrounds. He is also a Can-Fit Pro certified Nutrition & Wellness Specialist and a certified Children's Fitness Coach. 


Personal experience includes over 13 years of personal training in very reputable fitness clubs in Canada and Australia. He has successfully trained numerous people trying to lose weight or wanting to add muscle. Whether you want to lose weight, tone up, or just learn how to exercise, Brad has the knowledge to get you to your ideal you.


While attending university, Brad spent 4 years working at a local Regina restaurant. During these 4 years he developed a love for cooking and food. Once he graduated from university he moved to Australia and trained under a French and Italian chef for 2 years. Eventually he worked his way into a Sous chef position at a fine dining restaurant in trendy Melbourne. These 6 years of experience evolved into offering cooking classes that focus on teaching clients how to eat healthy and delicious.